5-Day Best of Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Lukang

  • Operation DayMonday
  • DepartureMorning
  • Duration5 Days
  • Pick-up Time07:30
  • Vehicle Type43-seater bus, 20-seater mini bus or 9-seater mini van (according to the number of participants)
  • Meeting PointHotel in downtown Taipei City or Exit 2 of MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07)
  • Drop-off PointHotel in downtown Taipei City or Exit 2 of MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07)


  • Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and rich culture of Sun Moon Lake
  • Discover the unique landforms and biodiversity of Kenting National Park
  • Uncover Tainan's centuries-old historic treasures and delve into its hidden secrets
  • Explore Lukang, a destination rich in timeless charm, reminiscent of bygone eras and nostalgic allure.
  • Enjoy a luxurious 4-night stay at top-notch local 5-star hotels
  • Guaranteed departure with a minimum of 1 participant
  • Experience the ease of hotel pick-up and drop-off within city limits


Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is an island situated in the Asia Pacific Region. Portuguese sailors discovered this land in the 16th century and were captivated by its breathtaking beauty. In tribute to the island's magnificence, they bestowed upon it the name "Ilha Formosa," which translates to "beautiful island."

From the north to the south, there is no shortage of incredible, awe-inspiring and fascinating places to discover in Taiwan. However, maximizing your vacation with limited time and budget can present a challenge.

No need to worry; we've got you covered. With this 5-day package tour of Taiwan, you'll explore all the must-see tourist spots and have the opportunity to stay in local 5-star hotels for four nights! You'll visit remarkable natural sites like Sun Moon Lake and Kenting National Park, allowing you to witness Taiwan's most spectacular natural wonders. In addition to the stunning landscapes, you'll also delve into Taiwan's diverse culture and history by exploring man-made attractions like Ci'en Pagoda, Fort Zeelandia, Fo Guang Shan Monastery, Eluanpi Lighthouse, Chimei Museum, Lukang Old Street and more.

This tour is available year-round, departing on Mondays and returning to Taipei on Friday evenings. With 7-8 days at your disposal, you'll even have extra time to further explore this incredible country on your own. Don't miss out on the opportunity to book this 5-day Taiwan round-island tour and make the most of your Taiwan adventure!

  • Day 01

    Taipei – Sun Moon Lake

    On the first morning of your Taiwan round-the-island tour, you will depart from central Taipei and travel to the heart of the island, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area.

    Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake on the island, is divided by Lalu Island. The eastern side of the lake resembles the sun, while the western side resembles the crescent moon, giving the lake its unique name. This picturesque area is also the ancestral home of the Thao people, one of Taiwan’s indigenous groups. With its rich indigenous culture and abundant natural beauty, Sun Moon Lake has earned its place as one of Taiwan’s premier destinations.

    Sun Moon Lake View from the Top of Ci'en Pagoda Sun Moon Lake

    After lunch, your journey continues with a scenic bus tour around Sun Moon Lake, where you’ll explore the most renowned attractions in this area. Begin with a visit to Ita Thao, an indigenous village that offers insights into the culture and lifestyle of the Thao people. Then, marvel at the grandeur of Ci’en Pagoda, an iconic Sun Moon Lake landmark constructed by the late President Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother.

    Following your visit to Ci’en Pagoda, your exploration of Sun Moon Lake continues with stops at two significant temples. First, you’ll arrive at Xuanzang Temple, a serene Buddhist sanctuary dedicated to the esteemed monk Xuanzang. Then, your journey takes you to Wenwu Temple, an imposing Taoist temple featuring three halls devoted to the Martial God and the God of Literature. With the expert commentary of your tour guide, you’ll gain deeper insights into Sun Moon Lake, enriching your appreciation of the area’s history and significance.

    For the first night of your 5-day tour in Taiwan, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in a 5-star hotel, either in the serene surroundings of Sun Moon Lake or in the vibrant heart of downtown Taichung.

    Overnight: Fleur de Chine Hotel – Mountain View Room,  Sun Moon Lake (5-star) / Le Méridien Taichung, Taichung (5-star) / a similar hotel

  • Day 02

    Sun Moon Lake – Tainan - Kaohsiung

    Kick off the second day of your 5-day Taiwan adventure with a delightful breakfast, setting the tone for another day of exploration. Hop on the bus and make your way to Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan, celebrated for its abundance of historic buildings and profound historical heritage.

    Your adventure proceeds with a visit to Fort Zeelandia, constructed by the Dutch East India Company during their 38-year administration of western Taiwan. The original fortress faced near destruction by the British army in the 19th century but was subsequently rebuilt by the Japanese. 

    Fort Zeelandia Fort Zeelandia

    After exploring Fort Zeelandia, take a leisurely walk along Anping Old Street. Situated on the east side of Fort Zeelandia, this historic street was established by the Dutch over 300 years ago and holds the distinction of being the first officially named street in Taiwan. Besides its fascinating history, Anping Old Street is also known for its local specialties such as tofu pudding, shrimp rolls, fish skin dishes, beef soup, and many more. While you’re here, don’t miss the chance to savor the city’s signature delicacies, adding a delightful culinary experience to your historical journey in Tainan.

    Anping Old Street Anping Old Street

    After lunch, your next destination is the romantic harbor city of Kaohsiung, the most populous city in Southern Taiwan. Upon arriving in Kaohsiung, your first stop is the renowned Fo Guang Shan Monastery (FGS) or Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. Fo Guang Shan Monastery is a significant Buddhist monastery founded by the Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1967. The monastery is most famous for its Great Buddha Land, featuring a majestic 36-meter-tall golden statue of Buddha Amitabha, which stands as the tallest standing Buddha in Southeast Asia. It is encircled by an impressive array of 480 smaller statues depicting Buddha Amitabha.

    The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum proudly features the largest seated statue of Buddha Amitabha. In addition to housing authentic tooth relics of Shakyamuni Buddha, the compound also includes art galleries, a theatrical auditorium, a children’s gallery, and souvenir stores. In addition, visitors can get to experience Tea Zen, sutra transcription, or join in festive celebrations at the Five Harmonies Pagoda.

    During your visit to Fo Guang Shan Monastery or Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a knowledgeable monk who provides insights into the doctrines and development of Buddhism, which is the most widely practiced religion in Taiwan.

    Tonight, you’ll have a pleasant stay in a conveniently located 5-star hotel, surrounded by department store, convenience stores, and drugstores. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on any additional supplies you may need for the remaining days of your 5-day Taiwan tour.

    Overnight: Grand Hilai Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung (5-star) / a similar hotel

  • Day 03

    Kaohsiung – Kenting - Kaohsiung

    After a hearty breakfast, set out on your journey as you head south toward the border, where Taiwan’s first national park awaits.

    Kenting National Park - Maobitou Kenting National Park

    Kenting National Park is celebrated for its coastal geological formations, scenic landscapes, and rich marine biodiversity, fostered by its unique combination of crustal deformation and tropical climate. Additionally, Kenting is also a paradise for surfers and divers alike.

    Chuanfan Rock

    On the third day of your Taiwan-round island tour, you will make your stops at Maopitou, literally cat’s nose, aptly named as it resembles a colossal crouching cat when viewed from afar; Chuanfan Rock, literally sail rock, another distinctive natural formation that resembles the sail of a ship or a likeness of the former US President Richard Nixon; Eluanpi Lighthouse, a Qing Dynasty-era construction that was recognized as one of the Eight Views of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period; and Longpan Park, a coral limestone plateau overlooking the Pacific Ocean, shaped over time by rainfall erosion.

    Eluanbi Lighthouse

    Tonight, you’ll be staying in the same hotel in Kaohsiung City, saving you the hassle of changing accommodations. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to explore this charming harbor city at your leisure, immersing yourself in the everyday life of the local people

    Overnight: Grand Hi Lai Hotel, Kaohsiung (5-star) / a similar hotel

  • Day 04

    Kaohsiung - Tainan

    After a restful night’s sleep and a delightful breakfast, your 5-day exploration of Taiwan continues as you journey along the enchanting west coast. Prepare for an immersive adventure as you delve into the remarkable collection of Western artifacts housed in the Chimei Museum, and uncover the rich historical heritage of Tainan, the ancient capital city.

    The Chimei Museum proudly houses an expansive collection of Western artifacts, featuring a wide range of treasures including engaging paintings and intricately crafted musical instruments. The compound evokes the majestic atmosphere of the Louvre Museum, providing visitors with a taste of European palace elegance. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum hosts several special exhibitions throughout the year.

    Chihmei Museum Chihmei Museum

    After exploring the Chimei Museum, it’s time to treat yourself to some authentic gourmet delights. Tainan is renowned as a paradise for food lovers, offering a mouthwatering array of dishes. Whatever your preference, Tainan is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite and tantalize your taste buds. While at Yongle Market (Guohua Street), you can’t miss the popular queue foods, including savory rice pudding, rice noodle soup with squid, and refreshing shaved ice.

    After filling your stomach, let’s take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood to explore some historic relics dating back more than 100 years. First, let’s visit Fort Provintia, designated as a national historic monument in 1983. Originally constructed by the Dutch in 1653, the fortress underwent destruction and subsequent reconstruction during the Qing Dynasty. Throughout the Japanese colonization period, it was rebuilt multiple times. Today, Fort Provintia stands as one of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Tainan.

    Fort Provintia Fort Provintia

    The Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple, among the earliest Guan Di Temples, stands as a testament to ancient government sacrificial rites. It holds the esteemed status of a first-class national historic site, drawing countless worshippers. Among its revered deities is Yue Lao, the God of Marriage. Devotees flock to pray for marriages guided by destiny, with some even sending express mail directly to Yue Lao through a special mailbox within the temple grounds. 

    The Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple ( The Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple

    Finally, you will visit that Grand Mazu Temple, is commonly known as Taiwan’s inaugural government-built Mazu Temple.

    Upon crossing the temple threshold, your eyes will be drawn to a magnificent golden statue of Mazu. Flanking her are the embodiments of Clairvoyance (eyes that see a thousand miles) and Clairaudience (ears tuned to whispers on the wind), formerly malevolent spirits redeemed by Mazu’s compassionate guidance. They now harness their powers to aid Mazu in her benevolent endeavors. Similar to the traditions at the Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple, worshippers, both men and women, gather at the Grand Mazu Temple to pay homage to Yue Lao, the God of Marriage. Seeking his blessings, they hope to expedite the journey towards finding their life partners.

    Grand Mazu Temple Grand Mazu Temple

    Tonight, your accommodation awaits at a prestigious 5-star hotel in the vibrant heart of Tainan. Here, you’ll enjoy the top-notch amenities and have the freedom to explore the city at your leisure. Just steps away, you’ll find a bustling department store and an array of shops. Take advantage of this opportunity to replenish any necessities or treat yourself to unique local souvenirs, perfect for sharing cherished memories with friends and family back home.

    Overnight: Silks Place Tainan, Tainan (5-star) / a similar hotel

  • Day 05

    Tainan – Lukang – Taipei

    On the last day of your 5-day tour in Taiwan, you’ll set off to explore the renowned Tainan Confucius Temple, delving into its rich cultural legacy. Following this enriching experience, you’ll journey to Lukang, a destination steeped in a timeless charm that evokes the beauty of ancient poetry and nostalgia.

    The Tainan Confucius Temple, constructed in 1666, stands as the oldest Confucius Temple, boasting over 300 years of history to this day. It held the esteemed position of being a stronghold of culture and education, and thus earned the prestigious title “The Highest Institute.

    When it comes to preserving cultural artifacts within the Confucius Temple, the inscriptions documenting each period of repair, the horizontally inscribed boards bestowed by rulers of various dynasties, and ceremonial and musical instruments spanning from the early Manchu Dynasty to the present day are carefully maintained. These priceless artifacts from history and culture warrant careful appreciation for their profound significance and lasting impact.

    Tainan Confucius Temple

    Your journey continues with a visit to Lukang. L ukang, a historic old town renowned for its well-preserved cultural and historical heritage, is literally known as ‘deer harbor”. Once a bustling port in the 17thand 18th centuries, it served as the center where Taiwan’s most affluent families amassed their wealth and power, capitalizing on the thriving commerce of the era. Despite the port losing its functionality due to sedimentation, Lukang has retained its enduring charm, serving as a timeless reminder of its glamorous past.

    Lukang Old Street Lukang Old Street

    Take a leisurely stroll through the town adorned with red brick walls and floors, where historic relics like the Nine Turns Alley, the Urn Wall, the Half-Sided Well, and the Longshan Temple await your discovery, each with an intriguing story to tell.

    Lukang is renowned for its diverse array of street foods and traditional Taiwanese desserts. Indulge your appetite and seize the opportunity to stock up on gifts, bringing a taste of this charming old town back home to share with your friends and family.

    After enjoying lunch at your own expense, you’ll head back to Taipei and arrive at your hotel later in the afternoon.

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Professional licensed tour guide (Mandarin / English)
  • Local transfer by air-conditioned vehicle
  • 4 night hotel accommodation
  • Hotel breakfast*4
  • Local general liabilities insurance
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Gratuities
Important Notice
  1. Tour will be conducted in Mandarin and English.
  2. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults.
  3. Infants must sit on laps and share existing bedding with adults.
  4. 2 people will share 1 twin room; for an odd number of individuals, 3 people will share 1 triple room.
  5. The sequence and time of stay at tour stops might be adjusted according to the traffic/weather condition.
  6. Please advise your designated meeting point (within Taipei city limits) and provide your SMS contact info or e-mail address. We will contact you directly and advise the pick-up time.
  7. If the tour has to be cancelled due to bad weather, the tour operation will contact you no later than the evening before the excursion day by e-mail or SMS.
  8. Please arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes earlier than the pick-up time.
  9. This tour is not recommended for wheelchair users and people with physical disabilities.
  10. Ensure you carry enough cash with you to cover your expenses for meals, beverages, souvenirs, tips, etc. Convenience stores and most of the eateries in Taiwan don't accept credit cards as a form of payment.
  11. We regret to inform you that due to the recent earthquake, the Taroko leg of your itinerary has been replaced with Tainan and Lukang.

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, you must cancel your booking at least 7 days before the listings local pick-up time(GMT+8). Please contact us by email or phone. 


Email: edisonts@ms6.hinet.net 

Phone: +886 2 25635313


No-shows are defined as passengers who do not show up on time for the tours. In this event, the bookings will be cancelled and non-refundable.


Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the listing’s pick-up time in the local time zone: full refund

Cancellations made 6-4 days in advance of the listing’s pick-up time in the local time zone: 50% refund

Cancellations made less than 3 days in advance of the listing’s pick-up time in the local time zone: non-refundable

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