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Get a Tour Package to the Beautiful Island of Taiwan

Discover Taiwan’s stunning tourist attractions by taking advantage of the Taiwan local tour packages we offer at Edison Tours. Aside from the popular tourist destinations on this island like Taipei 101, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Jiufen Village, and National Palace Museum, we’ll take you to various natural spots where you can appreciate Taiwan’s exquisite landscape. 


Travel with us and let our experienced tour guides introduce you to Taiwan’s diverse culture and stunning scenery. Browse through our regular sightseeing tour packages below.

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Explore Taiwan and Make the Most Out of Your Trip

The charming island has become a popular tourist destination over the years. People from all over the world come to Taiwan to explore and experience its unmatched beauty.


Getting a tour package to Taiwan is a great way to learn about the island’s diverse culture, influenced mostly by Chinese tradition and other modern cultures. To make the most of your Taiwan tour package, remember the following tips when exploring the island.

Hit Night Markets

Night markets are a large part of Taiwan’s nightlife, and you shouldn’t miss visiting at least one when you go to the island. These night markets are found all over the region with stores selling various night-time snacks. 


These spots on the island are mostly open from late night until morning only, making them a great stop to fill your stomach after finishing your Taiwan local tour package.

Indulge in Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwan is known for its traditional cuisine, well-loved all around the world. As you explore the island, you might want to try xiao long bao or soup dumplings, which you can get from various restaurants like Din Tai Fung.

After eating, find a drink that will complete your Taiwan experience, such as aiyu. This thirst-quenching beverage is a Taiwanese favorite, especially during hot days. The drink is made from the jelly produced from an indigenous fig and served with crushed ice and lemon juice.

Get an EasyCard

Make your way through the island without difficulty by getting an EasyCard. You can use this smartcard to access Taiwan’s highly developed transport system, including the metro, bikes, buses, ferries, and taxis. With an EasyCard, you can go to the meeting point for your Taiwan local tour package without worrying about being late.

Book a Travel Package and Explore Taiwan with Us

Get to know about Taiwan’s culture and history with Edison Tours. We have knowledgeable tour guides who can give you more reasons to fall in love with the island.