Taiwan Extends Visa-free Entry for Filipinos Until July 2024


Taiwan extended its visa-free entry policy for Filipinos

We are delighted to share the great news that Taiwan has extended the Filipinos’ visa-free privilege for another year.

Taiwan extends visa-free entry for Filipinos until July 2024

Last Friday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Filipinos, except those holding diplomatic or official/service passports, are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 14 days effective from August 1, 2023. The duration of stay starts from the day after arrival and is not extendable.

Taiwan Tourism Workshop in Clark 2023
Dennis Kuo, General Manager of Edison Tour, attending Taiwan Tourism Workshop in Clark 2023 (the first one on the left)

Citizens of Brunei and Thailand are also entitled to the 14-day visa-free privilege. Brunei, Philippines and Thailand passports holders must have: a proof of accommodation (hotel) booking, host/sponsor’s contact information and sufficient travel funds.

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